Arbiter Athlete (PlanetHS)

Each student and parent must log onto your account (which is your former Planet High School Account. You will use the same log in information) and sign and submit all forms for the upcoming school year. 

To create an account on ArbiterAthlete,

Text S766 to 69274 (EHS students and parents)

Text S2751 to 69274 (TAD students and parents)

Text HELP to 69274 for more information. Text STOP to 69274 to opt out. Msg & Data rates may apply. The wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Number of messages vary per user.


Log into for instructions. 

With questions, parents should call:

EHS Athletic Office
423-547-8015 ext. 1549

TAD Athletic Office
423-547-8025 ext. 2511

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Go to the website:

Click on “Sign up”- you will need to create separate accounts for the parent and student(s).

Step 2: fill out the necessary information.

  • choose the correct type of account (student or parent)
  • In Step 3 of the first page, each account requires either an email or a phone number (you do not have to use both on one account). You can use an email account for the parent account and phone number for the student account or vise versa.
  • Passwords can be as simple or complex as you want to make them.
  • Enter your school name ELIZABETHTON HIGH SCHOOL (ELIZABETHTON, TN) or T A DUGGER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Make sure that you do this for each account. It is case sensitive and for T. A. Dugger, you must type the letters “T A DUG” all with caps and space in between the “T A Du” for the school to pop-up. Keep a space in-between the letters “T” “A” & “D”

          School Name

  • Once everything is filled in click “SIGN UP.”

Step 3: Click the “Skip” button. Make sure that you have your login information (email/phone number and password). Logout and repeat the above steps to create the student account.

  • The student account is the same setup as the parental account except you will need to include the year that your child will graduate from high school.

Step 4: After student account information is complete click “SIGN UP.”

*If you have multiple children then you will have to repeat the previous steps depending on the number of students.

Step 5: The student must enter the parent’s email address or mobile number that was used to send an invitation to link the accounts together. Then click “Send."

          Account Linking

Step 6: Log back out of the student/athlete account and login to the parent account. Click on the “Link Student Account” and enter the email address or phone number that was used to create your child’s account.

         contact info

*If this seems like it is taking forever to load, just hit “close” and click on the “Link Student Account” again and his or her name should be on the list of pending invitations.


Step 7: Complete the following forms first in the parental account, then once you complete the forms, login to the student account and complete the student side of the account. As you log back into the student/athlete account, click “Accept” to finish linking the accounts.

*If this seems like it is taking forever to load, just hit “close” and click on “Link Account”, which is located at the top of the page, and it should show that the account is linked.

  • You must complete the profile page for the student before you can begin on the forms. This is just where the student will click on what sports he or she want to participate in. You must also follow the steps to choosing the correct school. (Hint: follow the steps on the front page where you created the parent/guardian account).
  • Do not print out the forms unless you plan on uploading each form back into the program.
  • Forms should be completed on the computer and not printed out and turned into the student’s school.
  • Each form EXCEPT THE LAST FORM SHOULD BE COMPLETED. When you complete a form, you should always click “SIGN AND SUBMIT FORM” at the bottom of each form.
  • The physical Examination Form and Insurance Card is the only two forms that need to be scanned and/or uploaded to be completed, while the other forms are to be done on the computer.
  • You can also take a pic on your phone, iPad, or tablet and upload the physical form and insurance card. You have to make sure to upload the whole physical form with the doctor’s signature and the front and back of the insurance card.

          list of forms


  • Know that you do not have to have both an email address and/or phone number for each account.
  • Make sure that you've selected the correct school for each account.
  • Complete forms online, and not printing them out to turn into your child’s school.
  • At least one form must be completed on each account for a coach or administrator to view an athlete’s account.
  • Complete the forms on the parental account first and then login into the student account. This is the easiest and best way to navigate to make sure that both accounts are finished.